Video game and entertainment-focused digital agency Play Media have announced an exclusive long term partnership with inSTREAMLY, a leading live streaming technology that allows brands to connect with Gen Z and the gaming community.

As part of the partnership, Play Media will work closely with the Australian live streaming community to make it simpler to work with brands. Brand and media agencies in Australia will be able to create engaging media campaigns with a measurable return on investment not previously seen when using video game audiences as a marketing channel.

“Australian marketers are increasingly looking for digital marketing campaigns that deliver leads, data, and most importantly, sales. The inSTREAMLY platform allows marketers to work with gaming streamers and influencers at scale but with real results” says Play Media co-founder Chris Derrick. “inSTREAMLY is working with leading brands such as Netflix, Samsung, PlayStation, adidas and many others and we look forward to helping them grow in Australia and New Zealand”.

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Play Media was founded in 2020 by Derrick and Sean Callanan, whose combined experience in digital media and marketing covers sports, radio, music, online video and more recently esports. “Through our experiences in esports, we recognise the attractiveness of video games as a marketing channel for brands looking to reach brand-savvy young males with high disposable incomes,” said Callanan. “The inSTREAMLY platform is the best tool we’ve seen that enables brands to do this. inSTREAMLY will help us identify up and coming streamers who can deliver engaged audiences for brands via their personal streaming channels. We look forward to rewarding streamers providing nightly entertainment to gaming fans across Australia.”

inSTREAMLY was formed in Poland by live streaming, esports and gaming veterans. Wiktoria Wójcik, inSTREAMLY’s CSO said “We are thrilled to partner with Play Media to offer our creative campaign solutions to marketers in Australia and to build new revenue opportunities for the Australian live streaming community. Chris and Sean’s experiences and knowledge of gaming, esports and media makes them the perfect choice to help launch inSTREAMLY in Australia”.

About Play Media

We combine decades of experience across gaming, sports, media and digital marketing to provide brands and talent unrivalled expertise and understanding of the Australian gaming industry and culture. Follow Play Media YouTube series for a marketer’s point of view on gaming and esports.


inSTREAMLY democratises the world of live-streaming by empowering streamers to own their content, build strong communities and work with brands. The inSTREAMLY mission is to help streamers grow using disruptive technology to level the playing field for streamers, brands and streaming platforms.

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